Our Volunteers

Pupils and young people from East and Central Sutherland, volunteer with us through Saltire. Their time with us allows them to build their future, learn new things, and just enjoy themselves.

Some of Our Volunteers

Steven Whitehead

Steven has achieved his 10, 25 and 50-hour Saltire awards. He has gained these through web development work mainly at VGES, and is nearing his 100 hour award.

He started initially with only making minor tweaks to the existing VGES website, more recently he has been creating a whole new page for the site which is still in development.

Steven has also participated in community events such a Pure Words, taking on the role of treasurer and unofficial designer. He has created an “S6 Seniors Page” to update pupils S4-6 in Golspie High School on volunteering opportunities, study tips and events in the area; other visitors are welcome to the page. Steven contributed to the school Christmas service by creating a power point presentation highlighting the struggles the refugees are facing. He also has taken part in Game Testing for an independent Games developer.

Steven on Volunteering- “I am certainly more active now, it gives me something useful to do”

Steven has applied for courses relating to creative computing, all of his volunteering work has contributed to his experience and his abilities in the field making it well worthwhile.

Dawn Cowie

Dawn has achieved her 200-hour Saltire award through volunteering with the Archie foundation, she has also been named a Saltire Champion.

She discovered the Archie foundation in November 2014 when she was a patient in Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, since then she has been fundraising actively for them. She began small by working at the Highland Food and Drink festival selling raffle tickets for Archie but since then she has organized a Race and Auction Right, 28th February 2015, this took an enormous amount of work, it included complementary drinks, a live band and much more. Dawn raised £10,000 for Archie that night!

Dawn and a few others organized a mini Belladrum paint party festival in the hospital for the patients in 2015, they sold the paints to raise yet more funds. For the past two years she has volunteering at “Santa’s Grotto” dressed as an elf welcoming the children, helping with the photography, she plans on doing the same this year. Dawn also volunteers at the Archie offices in Inverness during her study leave.

Last October Dawn gave a speech at the Highland Feast about her own experience with Archie, what they have done for her and how much it means to share her story and encourage others to help.

All of her charity events work has inspired her to go to university and study Events Management so that she can continue helping. If that doesn’t work out Dawn wishes to go into Nursing because of the immense positive impact that the amazing nursing staff has had on her life.